Trust is a critical element of many estate plans. Our trust attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, have the skills to help your family make the most of your trust.

Title Trust Attorney Atlanta GA


Anyone who wants to build wealth in Atlanta through assets investing, minimization of taxes, and distribution should consider setting up a trust under the law. However, such a device comes with its own obligations and legal issues. This is established through the trustee-beneficiary relationship established when the trust is funded. 

A great way to get advice on such fine points is to consult with skilled estate lawyers. However, depending on the trust’s purpose, estate administration, and duration, you should query the trust lawyer you’re considering hiring to get the best possible counsel that will benefit your long-term interests.


Estate Planning Lawyer Atlanta for Trust-Related Legal Matters

Most people would never go through a major life process without a well-thought-out strategy in place to secure the intended outcome. Many people, however, fail to plan for their mortality and the people who will be affected by it. Alternatively, they may write a will but fail to plan for their estate or even establish an estate planning checklist.

As a result, their heirs suffer unnecessarily, and their fortunes are in jeopardy. The scenario can be disastrous if they are responsible for other family members or heirs, such as those with special needs. 

At Chouhan Law Firm, we believe that your post-death intentions should not be left to chance or to a single sheet of paper, whether you are affluent or not, whether you have a large or small property. One of our most effective services is assisting folks in creating an unassailable legal will that can withstand any court challenge. 

Our proven attorneys will professionally help you through the process in and out of court in addressing the needs of family members, supporting essential goals, and honoring persons and organizations through a will or trust. 

The estate planning and living trust estate attorney services provided by Chouhan Law Firm are available in the Atlanta region. Get in touch for a consultation at (678) 940-6764 today! 

Our trusts lawyer also provides assistance in business law and related practice areas, including spendthrift trusts, estate taxes, personal injury, local counsel, health care directives, and legal services for estate planning needs with excellence in personal service.


The choice of your estates attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, will be based on your judgment of the entity’s level of integrity. It will also depend on how big and complicated your trust is. 

The team at Chouhan Law Firm helps our clients make decisions in the best interests of the beneficiaries by establishing a fiduciary relationship with them. This entity will also hold the legal title to charitable trusts, which is responsible for effectively managing the trust’s property and other assets or estates. 

With a better understanding of the process and skilled legal guidance, you are better off to make beneficial long-term decisions. Better knowledge of the process steps helps you parse the obstacles and potential threats to prepare a strategy to deal with. Working with the legal team at Chouhan Law Firm can help you understand what you need to make decisions for your better interest.


Several issues come with the consideration of wills and trusts. One must consider the accounting directions and tax planning, including estate tax avoidance, living wills, and living revocable trusts (also known as living trusts). So, how does one choose a trust attorney for the future of potential trustees?


What to Consider When Hiring a Trust Lawyer


Your options will be limited to only the lawyers you can pay based on your budget. However, it would be advisable if you made every effort to avoid going with those who charge suspiciously low prices. This is due to the possibility that they are unskilled and inexperienced, resulting in poor service. Also, keep in mind that a high fee does not necessarily imply the best lawyer. The right lawyer will offer a comfortable balance of affordability and value.


When you first start thinking about getting your legal and financial affairs in order, one of the first things you should do is contact the offices of the lawyers you’ll be meeting with to conduct your planning.

This is an excellent opportunity to conduct a preliminary screening to discover the best legal practitioner for your property, estate, family, company, and business. Pay attention to how the office staff answers the phone or how they treat you once you visit the office. When you are a client, the best lawyers will be those who have a live person answering the phone to address time-sensitive inquiries for you.


Experience proves that a legal professional is exposed to the practice areas related to your case. This background will make all the difference in the efficacy of your trust and other legal documents.

It would be best to look for the attorneys with the most extensive experience you can find—one who has seen drafted documents go into effect after a client has passed away. Such attorneys will have dealt with court challenges or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and would know how to overcome any obstacles on the property.


It’s not enough to have a lot of practice and vast experience; you also need to make sure your lawyer is good at what he does. The internet is a fantastic resource for locating lawyers and reviewing their previous work. Consider looking for a “reviews” section on a lawyer’s website that includes accounting malpractice testimonials from previous clients.

If the estate’s attorney has performed well in the past, there’s a significant possibility he’ll assist you as well. In the same way, if an attorney is involved in legal malpractice, they will most likely end up failing you.


How Much Does a Trust Attorney Cost?

The number of years a trust lawyer has been in practice in the industry usually determines their quality. The simple principle is that the larger a lawyer’s number of years in the practice area around Atlanta, Georgia, is, the greater the client’s peace of mind should be.

A lawyer with more experience in the field will have dealt with various wills, trusts, health documents, and estate scenarios. If you hire them for your legal matter, they will offer reliable assistance and deal diligently with your current problem and any future situations that could arise.


Although this is an important attribute to have in your legal professional, the term ‘trust’ attorney does not refer to their trustworthiness. Instead, a legal professional is an estate planning professional who can provide assistance in the process of completing the paperwork required to establish a trust for your wills or estate assets.

Unlike a will, a trust permits your remaining family members to bypass probate after your death. On the other hand, trusts are kept private and off the public record. Estate tax provisions can be included in trusts, allowing beneficiaries to receive more of what you planned to leave them. For clients with significant estates in Georgia, trusts are very useful documents.

Are you looking for an estate planning lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia? If that’s the case, we encourage you to request a consultation with one of our lawyers. Chouhan Law Firm has a track record of successfully advising clients from all around the area.

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