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What is a Commercial Dispute?

A commercial dispute is a disagreement between two or more parties about a business transaction, such as the supply of goods/services or any other business transaction.

This type of dispute can quickly occur in a business partnership or corporation. Sometimes, parties in conflict resort to commercial litigation to resolve their differences. Commercial litigation aims to resolve a commercial dispute through the court system or alternative dispute resolution processes.

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What Is the Process of Filing a Commercial Dispute Lawsuit in Atlanta, GA?

In Atlanta, GA, initiating a commercial dispute lawsuit involves several steps guided by a commercial litigation attorney. The process begins with the assessment of the dispute, where commercial litigation lawyers analyze the case’s merits and advise the involved parties on the best course of legal action.

This phase may involve reviewing contracts, trade secrets, and any evidence of breach of contract or trademark infringement.

Once a case is deemed viable, the commercial litigation law firm prepares and files the necessary legal documents to initiate the lawsuit. This includes drafting and filing a complaint, outlining the dispute’s nature, the parties involved, and the desired resolution.

The opposing business entity then receives a summons and is given a chance to respond.

The discovery phase follows, where both sides exchange information and evidence. Commercial litigation attorneys play a crucial role in gathering and presenting evidence, conducting depositions, and representing clients during this phase.

This stage is vital as it shapes the legal landscape of the case and influences settlement negotiations.

Throughout the process, commercial litigation lawyers actively engage in settlement negotiations with the opposing party, aiming to resolve disputes amicably and avoid a trial.

If such negotiations are successful, a settlement agreement is drafted, outlining the terms agreed upon by the involved parties.

However, if a resolution is not reached, the case proceeds to trial. Trial lawyers advocate for their clients, presenting evidence and arguments to support their case. The trial concludes with a verdict, determining the outcome and any personal liability or enforcement actions.

Commercial disputes can range from shareholder disputes to complex cross-border transactions, and having experienced commercial litigation attorneys is essential for navigating the business world and ensuring a favorable outcome in such cases.


Businesses plan their transactions on agreeable terms with the other parties to the contract. However, disagreement can arise at any point before a contract is terminated. From contract violations to intellectual property infringement, such disagreement creates legal conflict and forms the basis of a commercial dispute.

A few examples of general commercial disputes are

  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Securities Litigation
  • Fail to perform contractual obligations
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Joint venture disputes
  • International arbitration
  • Business torts
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Aviation disputes
  • The debtor or creditor’s actions

Commercial disputes are not easy to handle and would require you to consult with a lawyer who understands corporate law and the litigation process.

Working with a commercial litigation lawyer would be beneficial as they can help you with their knowledge of business-related litigation and assist you in the dispute resolution process.


Typical causes of commercial disputes include breach of contract, employment disputes, tortious interference with business interests, and disagreements over partnership or shareholder agreements.

Atlanta business litigation lawyers, with extensive experience in business litigation, serve clients in the Atlanta area, successfully defending their interests. These attorneys specialize in resolving claims in a cost-effective manner, ensuring that the business disputes are settled to protect the business interests of the other party.

Atlanta business litigation attorney skilled in various dispute resolution techniques, from courtroom litigation to sidebar contact negotiations, aiming to resolve disputes efficiently.


The primary method of resolving the commercial dispute is by litigation and trial, where a judge or jury resolves the dispute based on the evidence presented in court.

Other methods of resolving commercial disputes are negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. These methods are known as alternative dispute resolution or ADR.

A dispute resolution lawyer should be skilled in commercial and corporate laws as well as commercial and corporate litigation processes.

Commercial litigation refers to legal practice and dispute resolution methods for issues relating to business operations or transactions. In contrast, corporate litigation is the legal practice relating to the governance and regulations that a corporation must follow.

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Commercial arbitration is an effective method of dispute settlement between business entities that is well-known for being cheaper, faster, and less formal than other methods.

Georgia’s arbitration act OCGA §§ 9-9-1 allows business owners to choose procedural aspects and prevent courts from interfering. Both parties hold equal rights to present themselves and delegate the right to a third-party arbitrator for dispute resolution.

The arbitral tribunal is independent in its activities but is entitled to follow the arbitration proceedings determined by both parties. The arbitral tribunal can also establish the proceeding terms in compliance with the Georgia Law of Arbitration requirements. Moreover, the court is not allowed to intervene in legal relations of arbitration.

Though arbitration is a good option for commercial dispute resolution, you must find and understand what it is about before proceeding. Hiring a skilled business dispute resolution attorney can help you understand the process’s advantages and disadvantages.


If you are dealing with a commercial dispute and want to resolve it for good, working with a commercial dispute attorney might provide you with the help you need.

Your attorney can help you understand the case and work out options to resolve your dispute. Contact us for a confidential consultation of your dispute to find out more.