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Owning and operating a business in Georgia can be tricky.

Maybe it happens when you’re just starting out. Or maybe you’ve gotten the hang of your industry and started turning a profit. But sooner or later, legal questions arise!

A business lawyer helps and assists business owners with legal matters. They help business people make sure that the operations and paperwork in a business are legal and lawful. Moreover, they also assist in cases and situations like mergers, acquisitions, incorporations, personnel management, intellectual property, and bankruptcies.

It is critical to establish attorney-client relationships with a business law attorney or firm, as they can be an invaluable ally that helps to grow your business. They will also help you avoid the financial and legal pitfalls that may arise from the day-to-day running or setting up of your business.

A business lawyer is a professional that focuses on the legal aspects involved in the formation and running of a business.

They may be called upon as business representatives in negotiations with other businesses. They may also help provide advice on aspects such as compliance and the drafting of agreements and contracts, among other legal documents.


As a business owner, there are several factors to take into account when you are hiring a business attorney, including:

  • The lawyer’s experience in the field

  • The lawyer’s specialization

  • The lawyer’s reputation in the industry

  • The cost of the lawyer

  • The location of the law office

 Your business attorney should have an extensive experience and knowledge of matters they handle, purview, or deal with in your business. Moreover, your lawyer should also have a deep understanding of federal courts’ legal matter and proceeding procedures. Additionally, your attorney should also understand the importance and privacy of confidential or sensitive information.



A business attorney is a lawyer with professional education and experience in the law. They provide legal advice to businesses on legal and commercial matters.

Business law attorneys can help address your needs according to your financial capabilities and expectations. For instance, they can help you choose the most appropriate tax structures and corporate entities to limit personal liability.

Working with business lawyers also reduces the chance of making mistakes that could turn into expensive legal issues. Therefore, your business is likely to benefit from the appropriate and practical advice that a business law firm or lawyer can provide for your specific business needs.


Small business owners may need a lawyer to help them with the legal aspects of their business. There are several reasons why they may need one, including:

  • The company is in the process of being created and needs to be registered as a legal entity.

  • The company needs to be incorporated.

  • The company needs contracts between different parties or entities.

  • The company needs help with taxes.

  • There are trademark or copyright issues that need to be addressed.

  • A dispute has arisen, and the company needs representation before it goes to court.

  • Other legal questions arise from time to time for small businesses, such as whether or not the business should have a noncompete clause in its employment contracts and whether it should have an arbitration clause in other contracts.

Suppose you are about to start a business or need advice on legal matters for an already established business. In that case, the Chouhan Law Firm is here to help you. Contact us today, and our small business lawyers may help you with any legal issues that you may have or could have in the future.

Once you have formed the business, we can assist you with any further issues. We have advised clients on anything from corporate compliance issues, investment strategies, insurance coverage, and the negotiation and drafting of buy-sell agreements and contracts.


It can be hard to find attorneys that will work for your best interests in today’s business world. Still, nothing could be more critical to your business than hiring a Georgia business attorney that understands the law.

Business attorneys will help you with any legal issues that may arise. Hence, it would help if you got the most experienced and skilled lawyers that are a good fit for your Marietta business.

In deciding on a suitable business attorney, we recommend that you get a lawyer or law firm that has the following qualities:

  • A well-established law firm with attorneys who are licensed by the Georgia State Bar and who have been working in the city for years

  • Extensive knowledge of business law in Georgia, including aspects such as commercial law and litigation, business litigation, and contract formation

  • Diligence and hard work to resolve issues and protect your interests in the most professional and most efficient manner

  • The experience and qualifications to provide you personalized service.

If you are looking for a business attorney, you might want to contact the Chouhan Law Firm, Atlanta.

The Chouhan Law Firm is an organization that has been well established in Marietta for years. We have developed a reputation for diligence and hard work. Most of our clients have given rave reviews about their experience when we worked on their cases.

Our attorneys are licensed by the Georgia State Bar and have worked for years in Marietta and Fulton County. They understand commercial litigation and other business matters, and they have been counseling business owners for years. They have also assisted both large and small business owners in litigation, the dissolution, and the formation of business interests across Marietta and the nearby suburbs of the city.

Our commercial litigation attorneys have the education and experience to resolve a range of issues ranging from criminal defense, joint venture formation, personal injury, and other legal matters.

The Chouhan Law Firm has been working to help clients avoid legal problems and save money for years. Therefore we can help you with your business and legal needs. Our practice focuses on offering solid legal advice and assisting clients in avoiding issues that might become more expensive legal problems.

Over the years, we have been working in many areas of Georgia business law and represent clients in legal services related to:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Probate litigation
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Business formation and advice
  • Contract development and review
  • Financial counseling
  • Due diligence

Over the years, we have obtained exceptional results for our clients, as evidenced by the many positive reviews of our firm online.

By working with us, you can be sure you are getting top-class legal service providers looking out for your interests, just as we have done for the many clients who have worked with us over the years.

Contact us today if you need business/legal help. We may be the firm that helps you successfully navigate the minefield of commercial law and litigation in running your business.


While you may do your best to resolve business disputes amicably, you cannot always avoid arbitration and litigation. This is where the lawyers at the Chouhan Law Firm come in as we have experience representing businesses and defending or prosecuting actions against shareholders, members, or business partners.

Our attorneys in Marietta have been practicing for years and know almost everything about Georgia business law. They can use their experience to provide solutions to just about any legal issue you may have. Contact us today to schedule your mediation, negotiation, or other legal matters. We may be able to help you out.

When you contact us and establish an attorney-client relationship with us, we develop cost-effective strategies to resolve your issues so that you can focus on running your business.

We understand the anxiety and stress that could arise in case of disputes which is why we always work hard to protect you so that you can focus on more pressing matters in your business.

Therefore, if your businesses or companies are involved in legal matters that may go to litigation in Cobb County, we can fight vigorously for your financial interests in the courtroom or boardroom.