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What Is the Role of Employment Agreement Attorneys?

The job of an employment attorney is to provide legal advice to employers and employees. They represent clients in labor disputes and other legal matters that arise during the course of employment, such as discrimination claims, wage-and-hour violations, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment.

An Atlanta business litigation attorney will work with both the employer and employee to help them understand their rights under the law. If necessary, they will also assist them in negotiations or litigation. The purpose of employment contracts is to protect both sides from potential disputes in any employment or business relationship.

If you have any questions or confusion about the at-will employment state, employment relationship, and any other concerning issues like severance packages, contact us for knowledgeable consultation.

What Are Included in Employment Agreements?

An employment agreement is a document that defines the terms and conditions of an employer-employee relationship. It is a legally binding document that sets out a broad spectrum of rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee. According to Georgia employment law, agreements can be verbal or written.

Employment contracts are an important part of the employment process. They set out the details of an employee’s obligations and rights, as well as all of the terms and conditions for employment. These include:

  • Salary

  • Benefits

  • Working hours

  • Holiday entitlement

  • Sick leave

  • Stock options

To ensure compliance with the law, it is imperative to have a competent corporate attorney in Atlanta review the employment policies before entering into an employment contract. The Chouhan Law Firm is here to help!

What Areas Do Atlanta Employment Contract Lawyers Service?

Providing employment contract law services in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas, The Chouhan Law Firm, LLC also represents clients in:

  • Cobb County

  • Dekalb County

  • Fulton County

  • Johns Creek

  • Sandy Springs

When Should You Hire an Atlanta Employment Agreement Lawyer?

If you require a lawyer to help with your employment agreement, it is best to hire one as soon as possible, preferably before signing the employment agreement. The longer you will wait, the more difficult it may be to get your agreement reviewed, revised, or modified.

By hiring the right law firm, you can ensure that the contractual terms are favorable and are not against any labor laws.

As part of our services, we draft and negotiate contracts. Our firm also assists clients with employment disputes regarding compensation, termination, intellectual property, and other workplace issues. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.


How Much Does an Atlanta Employment Agreement Lawyer Cost? 

The cost of hiring a business attorney in Atlanta for this type of matter will vary depending on the complexity and duration of the case. Many Atlanta employment agreement lawyers offer consultations to discuss the necessary services and payment options.

Get a cost estimate from The Chouhan Law Firm by scheduling a consultation.

How Can an Attorney Help With Employment Agreements?

When dealing with any legal matter, you must develop a strong attorney-client relationship with seasoned Atlanta lawyers. Negotiating and drafting business agreements can be made easier by a small business attorney in Atlanta with extensive experience in Georgia employment law.

A business lawyer from an established law firm can assist a company in determining what aspects should be included in the contract. These can be used to protect both parties’ confidential or sensitive information and interests. Getting a skilled attorney who can represent and counsel employers on a variety of employee contractual issues in addition to non-compete and other restrictive covenants, including matters related to compensation, bonuses, duties, benefits, commissions, severance agreements, employment relationships, and company property document drafting.

Don’t risk noncompliance with federal and state laws when we can help you in your best interests. Feel free to contact us! We are happy to assist you!